Wholesale Sweet Peas

Our sister company, Seedlynx, offers the best range of wholesale sweet peas to UK customers and we are happy to discuss your needs. Only a few of the many wholesale products are offered here so if you can't find what you are looking for, please email info@seedlynx.co.uk and tell us what varieties and quantities you'd like. 

For new season crop we operate a "wish list" system - please ask us for, and choose from, our production list

New season crop is planted during the winter and the following winter, when it is harvested, cleaned and tested for germination, we make offers based on this wish list. Despatch of new crop is normally in January. 

Please Email us with any questions.  

If you wish to order seeds for delivery outside England, Scotland or Wales, please find out what you need to do in order to successfully import Lathyrus odoratus seeds into your country. Once you are comfortable with the customs process, documentation and delivery process, please contact us to discuss process and costs. Each year a portion of our production is inspected for phytosanitary certification.