White & Cream

Large Flowered and Frilly - White and Cream Sweet Pea seeds - A range of Spencer Exhibition type varieties based around these colours.

Sweet Pea Anniversary

A very popular variety with a good scent.  An attractive broad pink picotee edge on a white bac.....

Sweet Pea High Society

A highly scented sweet pea with a crisp pink picotee around a white flower. It will produce 5 or 6 f.....

Sweet Pea Jilly

A rich cream sweet pea. Well scented and excellent for cutting and exhibition.Provide support and t.....

Sweet Pea Piggy Sue

With up to 6 flowers on each stem, Piggy Sue is a great variety for cutting. It is coloured with a l.....

Sweet Pea Rosy Frills

With up to 6 flowers on each stem, this is a great variety for cutting. Coloured with a light aprico.....

Sweet Pea Sir Jimmy Shand

A white sweet pea with a lilac ripple across the backs and edges of the petals. A recent introductio.....

Sweet Pea Wild Swan

A big flower - long stems with 5 or 6 flowers on each. Primrose/cream buds opening into pure white. .....

Sweet Pea Olivia

Sweet Pea Olivia is a gorgeous variety. It blooms in a cream colour with sophisticated pink accents......

Sweet Pea Queen of Hearts

Like many white and cream coloured sweet peas, Queen of Hearts has a great scent. It produces l.....

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