Lathyrus annuus Mrs R Penney
£1.20 £1.30

Pretty orange flowers on a rapidly growing vine.  .....

Lathyrus chloranthus

10 seeds per packet. Lathyrus chloranthus climbs vigourously and produces small yellow flowers again.....

Lathyrus clymenum articulatus

Dainty pink and white flowers on a rampant vine. The pods are very attractive and numerous and .....

Lathyrus clymenum chelsea

Dainty pink flowers on a rampant vine. .....

Lathyrus sativus White

10 Seeds per packet. Small white flowers on a bushy green background. Try growing with Lathyrus sati.....

Lathyrus tingitanus

Lathyrus tingitanus, affectionately known as "the brute" - forms a rapid temporary hedge and has&nbs.....

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