Top 10 for Scent

These 10 varieties are among the most highly scented sweet peas in existence. The Heirloom varieties are the oldest sweet peas and although they are smaller flowered than their big frilly cousins “the Spencer” types, they pack a punch in the scent department. More modern breeding has been focused on increasing the flower size while maintaining and even improving upon the scent which has given rise to a new category known as Modern Grandiflora Sweet Peas. Typically white, cream and lavender colour sweet peas have the highest scent, while the red ones have the lowest.

Sweet Pea Albutt Blue

One of the loveliest of modern grandiflora picotees, a blue rim on a white ground - and an outs.....

Sweet Pea Cathy

A highly scented rich cream grandiflora from Unwins 2006. RHS Award of Garden Merit, this has proved.....

Sweet Pea Cupani Original

A mass of maroon and purple flowers on bushy plants. A collection from the wild in Sicily, probably .....

Sweet Pea Greenfingers

Very highly scented sweet pea. Bred by ourselves at English Sweet Peas, the working name for this wa.....

Sweet Pea Little Red Riding Hood

Very strongly scented. A well named variety because the unopened buds have a bright crimson red hood.....

Sweet Pea More Scent

As its name suggests this one just has More Scent! Deep creamy bubs open into flowers that vary from.....

Sweet Pea Mrs Collier

The cream for the strawberries, this delightful heirloom grandiflora has deservedly stood the test o.....

Sweet Pea Romeo

Oh Romeo Romeo a fragrance all your own, this modern grandiflora is a blue picotee on a white ground.....

Sweet Pea Turquoise Lagoon

Turquoise Lagoon is at the cutting edge of sweet pea breeding, resulting from crossing the tradition.....

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