Great for Cutting

Good for Cutting varieties are chosen from recently introduced varieties that have outstanding scent.  Many of these are modern "grandiflora" types with larger flower size than their older cousins, the result of a resurgence of interest by breeders in the "grandiflora" type. 

We have found them to be relatively easy to grow, to have exceptional perfume, and many have a petal size approaching that of the exhibition types.  At present the colour range is not as wide as the exhibition types, but each year new varieties are appearing.... and we select the best for our range.

Sweet Pea Turquoise Lagoon

Turquoise Lagoon is at the cutting edge of sweet pea breeding, resulting from crossing the tradition.....

Sweet Pea Watermelon

A modern grandiflora sweet pea with nicely rounded salmon pink petals......

Sweet Pea Alisa

**NEW for 2021**This sweet pea really shines and smells wonderful too. Warm pink on a creamy backgro.....

Sweet Pea Vanilla Ice Cream

White and cream sweet peas have the highest scent levels so this "Vanilla Ice Cream" mix is a must f.....

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