Which Sweet Peas are best for cut flowers?

Which Sweet Peas are best for cut flowers?

You've seen beautiful sweet peas in a garden setting but you'd love to have them as cut flowers - a vase for your own enjoyment, a gift for a friend or even to enter in a gardening or horticultural show - but what should you grow? 

Choosing the right sweet peas for cut flowers involves considering your preferences and purpose. 

If you're aiming for longer stems, Spencer types are the top choice, available in a variety of colours and perfect for displays or competitions. Check out our Fabulously Frilly Seeds section for an extensive selection.

Heirlooms and Modern grandifloras, while not boasting the longest stems, offer early-season flowering, abundant blooms, and delightful scents, making them excellent choices for cut flowers.

For a continuous display, consider cutting a length of the haulm to enjoy successive flowering stems, often referred to as "trails." The curly tendrils and leaves add additional interest to the bunch.

When working with shorter stems, opt for a smaller vase. This practical approach ensures that the unique charm of shorter sweet pea varieties is showcased without compromising visual appeal. 

The allure of sweet peas, with their vibrant colours and enticing scent, often invites insect life to nestle within their petals. While this natural interaction is welcomed in the garden, it may not be as desirable indoors. Fortunately, there's a simple solution.

After cutting your sweet pea flowers, place them at the back of a dark garage with the doors open. The instinctual response of the insects is to move towards the light. This ingenious method allows the insects to find their way out, ensuring that your indoor floral arrangement remains free from unexpected guests.