What is the most strongly scented Sweet Pea?

What is the most strongly scented Sweet Pea?

What is the most strongly scented Sweet Pea?

We could write a book on this subject! 

There are a number of factors that affect our perception of scent in Sweet Peas

Weather – scent is always stronger on a warm sunny day – the essential oils warm and are released. Dull, cloudy, damp days hamper this process and so we notice scent less.

Age of the bloom – younger blooms release more scent. The flowers appear to produce a finite amount of scent and this is usually available for just two or three days before it is all gone. 

Acclimatisation – not the blooms, but people! Our noses become used to the scent after spending a relatively short time in a room with them and the scent becomes less noticeable.

Age of the nose – often, as we age, our sense of smell is dulled or reduced and so we notice scent less!

Type of Sweet Pea – without going into great depth, there are a number of different essential oils available in Sweet Peas. However, not all of these are present in every variety. As a general rule (always dangerous!), Old Fashioned and Grandiflora types usually have a complex, spicy and consequently dominant scent. Whereas, Spencer types have a less complex, citrus type perfume.

In our experience, some of the most powerfully perfumed Sweet Peas include April In ParisAlbutt BlueMatucanaKingfisher and Sicilian Pink as well as many of the Old-Fashioned types. This list is far from complete.

A word of caution – we were driving home with a bunch of Kingfisher in the car and after a short time the scent became so overpowering that we had to open the window!

Our advice - grow a range of types and colours and enjoy a blend of scent (that is not too strong!)