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Sweet Pea Night Sky

Sweet Pea Night Sky's flowers come in an interesting combination of white and navy blue. Blooms' rip.....

Sweet Pea Olivia

Sweet Pea Olivia is a gorgeous variety. It blooms in a cream colour with sophisticated pink accents......

Sweet Pea Our Colin

A two tone blue flower with particularly long strong stems. Ideal for cutting and flower arranging. .....

Sweet Pea Queen of Hearts

Like many white and cream coloured sweet peas, Queen of Hearts has a great scent. It produces l.....

Sweet Pea Vanilla Ice Cream

White and cream sweet peas have the highest scent levels so this "Vanilla Ice Cream" mix is a must f.....

Sweet Pea Violet Wave Mix

This sweet pea seed mix is composed out of lovely blue and purple varieties. It will enrich your gar.....

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