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Sweet Pea Balcony Mix

Growing to about 1m high, intermediate types are ideal for sunny positions in the garden that might not be suitable for tall sweet peas. They will form a low hedge, scramble through railings or tumble over low walls in city gardens or grow well in a container with supports. The Balcony series produce frilly flowers that have a white background with a coloured stripe and pictoee edge. When the plants are established and growing well they will produce "twin stems" - meaning that instead of producing one flowering stem and one new shoot at each axel, they will produce two flowering stems. This mix contains pink, orange, blue, red and magenta. The picture shown here is of the blue variety, grown in our greenhouse - we have erected wires for it to scramble up, but have not tied it in, allowing it to cascade down.

Species: Lathyrus odoratus
Price Group: A (12 seeds)

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